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Unrestricted Funds

Comer Family Legacy Fund

Approximately 20% of HCCF’s total grantmaking is unrestricted—designed for the general benefit of the community and determined by the Board of Directors. Through unrestricted grantmaking, HCCF focuses on nonprofit capacity building. Generally defined as strengthening management systems and governance, capacity building grants recognize that organizations need to build effective management, governance, marketing and sustainability as well as programs.

Unrestricted funds are endowment funds typically established to provide support for general, unspecified charitable purposes at the discretion of the Community Foundation, with no advice or recommendation from the Donor (or any persons designated by the Donor).

HCCF Unrestricted Funds

  • Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund
  • The Directors' Unrestricted Fund
  • First Merchants Unrestricted Fund
  • Hendricks County Matching Fund
  • Hendricks County Tricentennial Fund