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Honorary gifts celebrate lives while the honoree is still able to see the resulting work being done in the community. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and retirements are part of a long list of special events and reasons for honoring someone with a gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond. These gifts can touch many people by providing a variety of community needs, from health care and food to education and youth engagement.

Honorary gifts are listed as follows: Fund Name, Honoree(s), Donor(s)

Honorary gifts made between 04.01.19 and 09.30.19

Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund

     Rosalee Ratliff

          Jim and Roberta Graham

Mel and Deedee Daniel Family Legacy Fund

     Six Grandsons of Mel and Deedee Daniel

          Mel and Deedee Daniel

Lilly Scholars Alumni Legacy Fund

     Eric Hessel

          Kristen Fuhs Wells-Lilly Scholars Network                         


Honorary gifts made between 01.01.19 and 03.31.19

Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition Fund

      Jessa Weilhamer

          Betty Weilhamer

Miracles for Melanoma Fund

      Beth Harlin

          Jerry and Kathy Layne

          Debra Ruckman             

Honorary gifts made between 10.01.18 and 12.30.18:

Ben Kempf Memorial Scholarship Fund

      Brian and Leslie Kempf

          Earl and Judith Wells

Kendra’s Call for Komfort

     Paul and Traci Hrbeck

          Marge Collin

          Ellen Hargus

     Kendra Springs

          Connie Springs 

HCCF General Operating

      Hendricks Power Cooperative Executive Staff

          Hendricks Power Cooperative Board of Directors

     Kermit Davis


     Russell and Frances Mock 


Max and Jill Poynter Family Legacy Fund

      Max and Jill Poynter

          Thomas and Angela Humphrey

          Brian Poynter

Claudia Sproull Special Education Scholarship Fund

     Robert and Sandra Wagner

         Janice Biederman

Honorary gifts made between 07.01.18 and 09.30.18:

HCCF General Operating Fund

      Dr. William Whitson

          Jerry and Karen Helser

Honorary gifts made between 04.01.18 and 06.30.18:

Miracles for Melanoma Fund

      Brian, Dylan and Logan

          Aramark Global Business Services

Gladys V. (Nickell) Pritchett Scholarship Fund

     Gladys V. (Nickell) Pritchett’s 104th Birthday

          Arlene Pritchett

          Judy Wyeth

Honorary gifts made between 01.01.18 and 03.28.18:

Miracles for Melanoma Fund

      Sharon Settle

          Beth Harlin and Samuel Webster

HCCF General Operating Fund

     Dr. and Mrs. Sam Wentworth

          Jerry and Karen Helser

Honorary gifts made between 01.01.17 and 12.31.17:

Amo High School Alumni Education Fund

     Willis & Linda Parker

          Amo High School Alumni Association

Mel and Deedee Daniel Family Legacy Fund

     Mel and Deedee Daniel

          Mel & Deedee Daniel

Habit of the Heart Events

     Joe & Pam Staysniak

          Priscilla Anderson Ferland

Sally Dillon Haver and Harry Haver Legacy Fund

     John & Kathy Haver

          Randy & Sara Wright

     John Haver

          Jeff Korte

Kendra’s Call for Komfort Fund

     Coach Virgil Peterson

          Connie Springs

     Melba, Lora, & Chris Cole

     Liz & Bob Koehne

     Sydney Swanson & Kyle Koehne

     Payton Twibell & Cam Koehne

     William Stubbs

          Matthew & Jessica Cole

Miracles for Melanoma Fund

     Brian, Dylan, & Logan

          Beth Harlin & Samuel Webster

North West Hendricks Education Foundation Fund

     Stacey Begle

          James A. Diagostino

Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund

     Ben & Meg Comer

     Lee & Mary Lee Comer

          Brenda Tewel

     Family Promise of Hendricks County

          Robert Gentry

     Jeremy L. McNally

          Richard & Mary Lee McNally

HCCF General Operating Fund

     David & Michelle Steddenbenz

          Photography by Sarah Crail

     Executive Staff of Hendricks P0wer Cooperative

          Hendricks Power Cooperative Board of Directors

     Jack Lawson

          Red Hats & Purple Chaps

     Marland Villanueva

          David Ghormley

     Zeke Lehr

          Kelly & Eva Lehr

Gladys V. (Nickell) Pritchett Scholarship Fund

     Gladys Pritchett

          Arlene Pritchett

Wyeth Family Legacy Fund

     Judy Wyeth

          Bob & Alice McColgin