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Honorary gifts celebrate lives while the honoree is still able to see the resulting work being done in the community. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and retirements are part of a long list of special events and reasons for honoring someone with a gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond. These gifts can touch many people by providing a variety of community needs, from health care and food to education and youth engagement.

Honorary gifts are listed as follows: Fund Name, Honoree(s), Donor(s)

Honorary gifts made between 04.01.22 and 06.30.22:

HCCF Memorial Fund

     Austin Hicks

          Sara Miller

Operating Endowment Fund

     Mel and Deedee Daniel

          Robert Schuckit

     Mel Daniel's 80th Birthday

          Jeff and Lynn Abrams

Honorary gifts made between 01.01.22 and 03.31.22

Sports for All Kids

     Levi Elliott

          Mary Lee and Lee Comer

Honorary gifts made between 10.01.21 and 12.31.21:

Bill Baker Family Legacy Fund

     Barbara Baker

          Jacob and Mallory Ketcherside

Brownsburg Parks Department Camp Scholarship Fund

     Brownsburg Community

          Mary Pat and Rick Torbeck

General Operating Fund

     Amanda Miller Knuth

          Richard Miller

     HCCF Staff

          Robert and Alice McColgin

Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition Fund

     William and Sara Fenton

          Robert and Alice McColgin

     Nancy Foster-Christmas/Community Food Pantry

          Jacqueline Gibbs

Indiana University Health West Hospital Cancer Center Fund

     Paul and Margaret Wilson

          Larry and Kristina Peach

Miracles for Melanoma Fund

     Survivors of Melanoma

          Beth Harlin

Hancel and Dorotha Owens Sycamore Services Day Program Fund

     In Honor of Memaw (Dorotha), Granddad (Hancel), and Uncle Randy this Christmas Season

          Jeff Gummere and Lisa Parker-Gummere

Doris K. Parker Music Fund for Children

     In Honor of Grandma (Doris) and Grandpa (Roy) Parker this Christmas Season

          Jeff Gummere and Lisa Parker-Gummere

Wayne and Rosalie Rutledge Legacy Fund in Memory of the Schulmeister Family

     John and Barb Rutledge

          Suzanne and David Whicker

Claudia Sproull Memorial Plainfield High School Special Education Fund

     Robert and Sandra Wagner

          Janice Biederman and Richard Waring

Honorary gifts made between 07.01.21 and 09.30.21:

Gregory Alan Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

     HCCF 25th Anniversary

          Jeri Brown

John and Jeri Brown Family Legacy Fund

     HCCF 25th Anniversary

          Jeri Brown

Pittsboro United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund

     Chris and Linda Shore's 50th Anniversary


Consider making a gift in honor of someone you care about or contact HCCF President & CEO William Rhodehamel at or 317.268.6240 to discuss setting up a memorial fund.