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Start a New Fund

Funds at the Community Foundation are the way we structure our work. They are the tools we use to help donor realize their goals for giving back.  Each fund is started by a donor for a specific charitable purpose, and grantmaking from the fund supports that purpose. It's like an independent nonprofit under our larger umbrella. Each fund is maintained separately in our accounting, but the assets are pooled for investment purposes. HCCF funds can be structured in one of two ways: either permanent (endowed) or non-permanent (pass-through). While an endowed fund allows for the maximum long-term, sustainable financial impact for the recipient, a pass-through fund is appropriate to fund either a short-term project or a charitable organization that has not yet achieved its 501(c)(3) status.

HCCF is here to help donors find the best way for them to give back to the community they care about. Each option below offers the donor varying degrees of participation in the future grantmaking of the fund.

We would love to talk to you about starting your own fund here at the Community Foundation! 

Call William at 317-268-6240 or email him at