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Parks and Trails Grants Through HCCF

In 2022, HCCF entered into a partnership with the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County (PFOHC) to do our community parks, trails, and outdoor space funding. In 2023, the Parks Foundation received a grant of $25,000 which will pass through the Gary Emsweller Parks & Trails Fund, at the Parks Foundation, to local parks projects across the county. All parks, trails, and outdoor spaces should reach out to PFOHC for funding*.

The Gary Emsweller Parks & Trails Fund is currently accepting applications through April 3, 2023. Interested applicants should contact Katy Cummings, Executive Director of the PFOHC, at


*Under certain circumstances, and in conjunction with the Parks Foundation, HCCF may provide additional funding to parks, trails, and outdoor spaces; however, organizations should first contact the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County.