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Happy 25th Anniversary HCCF!

The Community Foundation turns 25 this year! In 1996, HCCF, then known as the White Lick Community Foundation, became a county-wide organization with a new mission and vision to serve all of Hendricks County. Many generous people gave of themselves to found the Community Foundation all those years ago, and we are excited to celebrate our supporters- young and old - and all the good we have accomplished together in this community.

In partnership with the digital marketing firm, Ash Interactive, we created anniversary videos to showcase HCCF's 25 year history - both across the county, and in each individual community.  Check out the videos under the sidebar on this page to see what the Community Foundation has done in your home town!

In honor of our 25th anniversary, HCCF is awarding $25,000 in grants to organizations all across Hendricks County, 13 of which represent grant recipients receiving inaugural grants in 1996.  For any organization no longer operating, a similar nonprofit currently serving Hendricks County was chosen. Two additional grants were made in honor of HCCF's first Board President, Jim Spencer and the first Executive Director, Deedee Daniel.  Finally, a grant was made to the Hendricks County Tricentennial Fund to commemorate the occasion and invest in the future of the county.

See the list of grantees and a county map of each below:

HCCF's 25th Anniversary Grantees

Nonprofits Receiving Votes for HCCF's $2,500 Anniversary Grant

The Community Foundation started with a few thousand dollars, a handful of volunteers, and a shared passion to make the community better.  Thanks to thousands of people all over Hendricks County who have found creative and impactful ways to give—from small $25 annual support checks all the way to lifetime bequest—that vision has come to life and flourished.  Individuals and  families who love this county have invested their gifts in unrestricted endowment funds that enable HCCF to make grants to meet the community's critical needs.  Donors, small and great, helped fund the $575,000 in COVID response grants that HCCF poured into Hendricks County since March 2020.

Anniversaries are a time to reflect.  As we reflect on the last 25 years, we are thankful for many things.  We are thankful for 25 years of impassioned leadership by dozens of dedicated board members from every corner of the county.  We are thankful for 25 years of faithful service from staff and hundreds of volunteers who have labored countless hours to make HCCF a healthy, sustainable organization with a bright future ahead.  Most of all we are thankful to be serving this great community with YOU—our generous donors and supporters who are as passionate as we are about making Hendricks County a vibrant, giving community.